Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree

Previous Requirements

These requirements are for students who matriculated prior to 2012. Current BS requirements can be found here.


(or 6L or 6X)
Introduction to Program Design & Analysis I (or equvalent)
MATH 31 Introductory Calculus I
MATH 32 Introductory Calculus II
MATH 103 Intermediate Calculus
MATH 104 Linear Algebra and Applications

Major Requirements:

Core Courses:

COMPSCI 100 Program Design and Analysis II
COMPSCI 104 Computer Organization and Programming
COMPSCI 108 Software Design and Implementation
COMPSCI 110 Introduction to Operating Systems
COMPSCI 130 Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
COMPSCI 140 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
COMPSCI 150 Introduction to Numerical Methods and Analysis

One of the following three combinations:

(1) COMPSCI 102 Discrete Math for Computer Science
(2) MATH 135 Probability
  MATH 124 Combinatorics
(3) MATH 135 Probability
  MATH 187 Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Three Electives:

100- or 200-level Computer Science course (not an independent study course)
Two Electives 100- or 200-level electives in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, or in a related area approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.