Duke Computer Science Colloquium

Photo Forensics from Lighting and Shadows

Speaker:Hany Farid
Dartmouth College
Date: Monday, March 21, 2016
Time: 11:45am - 12:45pm
Location: D106 LSRC, Duke


From the tabloid magazines and main-stream media outlets to political campaigns and courtrooms, doctored photographs are appearing with a growing frequency and sophistication. The resulting lack of trust is impacting law enforcement, national security, the media, e-commerce, and more. The field of photo forensics has emerged to help restore some trust in photography. Most forms of photo manipulation will disturb some statistical, geometric, or physical property of an image. Over the past decade and a half we have developed a suite of forensic techniques that quantify and detect such perturbations. I will provide a broad overview of our work in this field, and describe in detail two forensic techniques for detecting inconsistencies in lighting and shadows.


Hany received his undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester in 1989 and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997. Following a two year post-doctoral fellowship in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, he joined the faculty at Dartmouth in 1999. He is also the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Fourandsix Technologies, Inc. His research focuses on digital forensics, image analysis, and human perception.

Hosted by:
Bruce Donald