Duke UG CS Colloquium

An Introduction to Interfaces, and How to Scale Education

Speaker:Geoffrey Challen
Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Time: 11:45am - 12:45pm
Location: Love Auditorium (B101) LSRC, Duke
Note this talk is at 11:45. Pizza will be served after the talk at 12:45.


The first half of my talk is an example lecture drawn from an introductory programming course. The topic is an introduction to interfaces. The second half of my talk is an overview of my approach to improving education at scale. I will draw lessons from my experiences teaching operating systems (ops-class.org) and the internet (internet-class.org) to hundreds of students at the University at Buffalo.


Geoffrey Challen leads the blue systems group (www.bluegroup.systems), a talented group of systems designers and hackers located at the University at Buffalo. He also directs the PhoneLab Smartphone Platform Testbed (phone-lab.org). His group focuses on harnessing the power of the billions of deployed smartphones, which together comprise the largest distributed system ever built. He also teaches courses on computer operating systems (ops-class.org) and the internet (internet-class.org). He received both undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Harvard University, where he worked with Matt Welsh deploying sensor networks on active volcanos.

Hosted by:
Owen Astrachan